The Dogon: African tribe or space aliens from Sirius B?

dogon dance

It turns out the Scientologists aren’t the only ones who claim we come from space. The Dogon – an indigenous tribe of Mali – claim that the germ of all things originated in a super-dense “egg of the world”—what we now know as the star “Sirius B.” Sirius B is the twin to Sirius, the so-called “Dogstar,” the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major.

But the real kicker is that the Dogon made their claim in the 1940s. And a diagram for the Sirius system is shown in Dogon artifacts over 400 years-old. Sirius B wasn’t even discovered by astronomers until 1970. So how did the Dogon know it was there?

To answer that question, we need to take a look at Dogon creation myths. But first a warning – these may not be appropriate for all readers.

Ready then? Here we go.

The Dogon live in West Africa, just south of Timbuktu in Mali. Like many societies, they believe in a God who existed before time. For the Dogon, that God is Amma, who created the world. Sirius B is sometimes referred to in Dogon stories as the “egg of the world” or the original placenta.

dogon diagram

A Dogon schematic of the “egg of the world”

In the simplest version of the Dogon creation myth, Amma creates the Earth and marries her. But the Earth’s clitoris is opposed to Amma’s penis, so Amma circumcises her. A new clitoris-free Earth gives birth to four sets of twins, known as the Nommo. One of these is frequently referred to as O Nommo. Another is known as Ogo. The Nommo are shaped liked fish, but also have arms and legs. They require a watery environment in which to live.

Nommo carving

Dogon carving of a Nommo

Ogo rebels and leaves Amma’s womb before he is fully finished, deciding he will make creation his own. But since Ogo has no partner, he commits incest with the Earth. This introduces disorder into the world. The first menstrual blood comes from this union, as do the spirits of the underworld.

Next we have a series of back and forth acts by Amma and Ogo. In the most important one, O Nommo is sent to earth in an ark, along with the ancestors of man and all living beings.

Ogo sees how strong O Nommo is, and decides he wants his placenta back. But Amma puts Ogo’s placenta out of his reach by turning it into our sun. Finally, she ends Ogo’s rebellion by turning him into a fox, which brings disorder and chaos to the universe.

In order to end the chaos, Amma sacrifices O Nommo. O Nommo’s blood purifies the earth, and his body, cut into pieces, becomes the stars, as well as the plants and animals of earth.

After order is restored to the universe, and life is created on earth, O Nommo goes to live in the oceans, which were born of the first rainfall.

Nommo archtype

Nommo archetype

He gives humans language, along with music and dance, and agriculture, weaving and other useful arts. He also gives the Dogon their astronomical knowledge — including knowledge of the “egg of the world,” which exists in infinite space and contains a model of all creation.

The Dogon refer to O Nommo by a phrase that some have translated as the “son of God.” Does this mean O Nommo was Jesus? The Dogon say O Nommo will return to Earth in human form, and later resume his amphibious form and rule the world from the waters.

In the 1930s and ‘40s, French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen lived with and studied the Dogon for twenty years. Their research into Dogon astronomy became the focus of a 1977 book by Robert K.G. Temple, The Sirius Mystery.

Temple’s claims of Dogon secret knowledge were refuted by no less than astronomer Carl Sagan and others. They suggested that Dogon knowledge of astronomy may have come from contact with Westerners – possibly Dieterlen and Griaule themselves. But those arguments have themselves been refuted.

So did ancestors of the Dogon really did come down in Nommo’s (Noah’s?) ark.

Or are the Dogon just having a cosmic joke at our expense?

The answer is, perhaps, in the stars.

7 thoughts on “The Dogon: African tribe or space aliens from Sirius B?

  1. Wow! …WTF is going on with our world? Just when you think things can’t get any more crazy, something comes along and tops all the other crazy shit you’ve heard. Oh but I get it now, of course Earth needed her clitoris mutilated in preparation for the incestuous relationship ahead. And all of this laid on us by a totally hot chick named Jackie Fuchs, yes Fuchs. Can someone provide the exact pronunciation of “Fuchs” please? (No offense intended Jackie) But I was simply surfing the Net expecting to read a scientific article and BAM 💥 I run into your article that includes an advanced warning that it “may not be appropriate for all readers”. So, hell yeh I’m going to read anything with that type of warning, but again W..T..F? I just was not expecting what you were putting down.

    You are one sexy smart lady (sexy meant in the most pleasant complimentary way, not in the creepy icky dude sort of way) and I’d like to thank you for the wild ride into the twilight zone with you and the Dogon tribe. I’ll be looking out for more of your work.
    Thank you,

  2. Jackie, I hope I didn’t offend you in any way. After going back and rereading your article and my previous comments, I’m a little concerned that I may have offended you. I want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Dogon creation myths. You are an amazingly talented writer. I found the article shockingly fascinating and was not prepared for what was to come, eve after the warning, which of course got my attention. As I went back today and read it for my second time, even though I already know the story, I had a similar feeling of built up anticipation as you lead me in first with the warning and then the actual lead in of ” Ready then? Here we go.” It builds up the reader whom is left thinking what in the hell lays ahead? Anyway, hope I didn’t offend you, I’m a fan of your writing, and Jackie “Fox” is just so appropriate. Best wishes Darren Parnell, Texas.
    P.S. Honestly with the article being posted in 2014, I had very little, if any thought of anyone reading my comments. I was simply bloviating in a mild state of shock. Where can I find other article of yours to read?

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